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Cultivation in different areas in conventional and organic farming.



From today to today. It makes it very easy for us to cut the grapes. The harvested fruit is packed the same day it is cut.



The warm climate we have in these areas tends to have more consistent temperatures throughout the season, which flavours the ripening of the grapes. This results in grapes rich in sugar and low acidity.



The difference in altitude in these growing areas means that we have varieties that ripen earlier and others that ripen later. This allows us not to stop supplying our customers from June to November.


Own production

Specialists in the production of seedless grapes.

More than 2,200 hectares of plantations located mainly in Murcia, the most important wine-growing region in Spain, although we also have cultivation areas in Alicante, Almeria and Badajoz.
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The best climate for the best grapes

The company from Murcia has farms located from the coastal area in Águilas, to the inland areas of the northwest of the Region of Murcia, such as Archivel (Caravaca de la Cruz) and the Altiplano de Jumilla, via the areas of the Guadalentín valley, Lorca, Totana and Alhama, the Vega Media area in the Blanca countryside, and Molina de Segura.

This allows them to produce early varieties in the lower altitude areas; to harvest using mid-season varieties in mid-altitude areas; and to extend the season and ensure a quality product in higher altitude areas.

Fina Mena, commercial director of Moyca Grapes

Production methods and cultivation management at Moyca

We have two production methods, one developed using conventional farming techniques and the other using organic production. Both types of production are carried out under the same conduction and management system, which is called the Spanish grape-yard.

The system that makes up the grape-yard serves as a support structure for the plant, so that all the vegetative development takes place two metres above the ground, in the upper part, which causes the formation of a roof that protects the bunches of grapes.

This system is ideal in hot areas because it allows for greater aeration, more protection for the fruit from excess sun and, in addition, reduces the possibility of diseases or pests.

Jerónimo García, Production Control Manager.

Grapes are a fruit that is sensitive to friction, which causes defects in the skin that can lead to disease and loss of harvest due to quality criteria. For this reason, in Moyca’s grapes-yards, the separation between vines is usually wide (3.5 x 3.5), enough for the fruit to develop in an optimal way, that is to say, a space that allows it to grow without rubbing between bunches and a high effectiveness in the phytosanitary treatments.

"Our aim from the beginning has been to differentiate ourselves through quality and variety. Today we maintain this principle. We are export leaders and we want to continue to be so, but we have also started to focus more on the domestic market, so that the best seedless table grapes are more accessible in our country".
Antonio Domene
Antonio Domene
General Manager