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Moyca Grapes is a company that has its own production farms in Murcia, Alicante and Badajoz. In our more than 2,200 hectares we produce more than 54 varieties of seedless, white, red and black table grape and in recent years we have incorporated new varieties with flavours and shapes, as well as organic varieties.

95% of our production of 70,000 tonnes is destined for export outside Spain, being Europe and the United Kingdom our main destination, although we also have experience in countries such as Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada and Malaysia. We are currently also present in new markets in the Middle East and Asia.

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Varietal innovation

For more than 30 years we have been working hand in hand with breeders and developing new varieties of seedless table grapes under licence for production in the world’s main markets. Our company has the largest production area for seedless table grapes, with more than 2,200 hectares, which is growing every year. 

We are committed to the healthiest table grapes, always thinking of our producers, distribution channels and consumers around the world, aligning innovation with the trends of the most demanding markets. In this aspect, we have a large production capacity in the varieties most in demand in the main markets: Sweet Globe, Autumn Crisp, Crimson and Allison. In addition, Moyca has 30 associated farmers, to whom we provide technical support for the production of superior quality seedless table grapes.

Our production methods allow us to differentiate ourselves by the quality of the fruit, while standing out for the constant incorporation of exclusive grape varieties.

These include: Cotton Candy, a variety popular for its candyfloss flavour; Ralli, an early red grape with a distinctive flavour; Muscat Beauty, with a muscat taste; K2 and K3 which stand out for their tropical mango flavour; Funny Fingers with a peculiar “witch fingers” shape; and Straw Grapes, which has a strawberry flavour, among others.


More than 54 varieties

We offer a wide range of the best seedless table grape varieties.

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We are aware of the importance of caring for the environment and we are committed to sustainability.

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