Food safety and quality control

Quality is one of the fundamental pillars of the company, a sign of identity and differentiation.

Our quality system guarantees that our products meet the highest food safety standards through certification to the most demanding standards: BRC, IFS, GLOBAL G.A.P.


We work day by day in quality assurance, coupled with the constant search for innovation and sustainability in our products.

Our Quality Management System extends throughout the various stages of the production process, from grape cultivation to its delivery, with the aim of achieving the highest satisfaction of our customers and the end consumer.

  1. Application of anti-pest treatments that do not affect the development and quality in the cultivation of the grape.
  2. Exhaustive quality controls of all batches that enter the warehouse.
  3. Supervision and cleaning of batches with the aim of complying with each of the customer’s specifications.
  4. Packaging with materials that are certified and suitable for food use.
  5. Storage of the fruit under optimal conditions for the preservation of quality.

Our success is based on the excellent quality and safety that we offer to consumers, through the system of traceability, technological innovation, efficiency in management procedures, and control over them.

Our procedures allow us to monitor the entire production, packaging, and distribution chain of the product at all times. Thanks to the traceability system we have in place, we have a guarantee of food safety, as it allows us to immediately know all the information about our product throughout the entire production chain.